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GIFT AND ESTATE PLANNING Womer Law Office understands that estate planning involves much more than the creation of a will or trust instrument.  These documents are pieces in a puzzle for managing many legal and practical issues that most of us eventually face, such as how to plan for incapacity, how to ensure that your children will be properly cared for, how to balance tax and non-tax considerations in gifting assets to loved ones, how to decide whether to utilize a Living Trust, how to fund and manage property in a Living Trust, how to handle beneficiary designations, and how to approach end-of-life decisions. Read the Full Story
BUSINESS LAW Womer Law Office can efficiently help entrepreneurs and small businesses with issues they face on a daily basis.  Mr. Womer understands that many small business owners perceive that the cost of legal services such as contract reviews often outweighs the benefit.  Mr. Womer will speak openly and directly with you about this upfront so that you can make an informed decision about when and what type of help you want. Read the Full Story
REAL ESTATE LAW Womer Law Office is equipped to handle a variety of residential or commercial real estate matters including review, negotiation, and/or drafting of purchase and sale agreements, leases, and option agreements, due diligence oversight for acquisition transactions, and resolution of boundary line disputes.  In addition, Mr. Womer can provide general counsel to real estate professionals on the day-to-day issues they face. Read the Full Story
ELDER LAW Womer Law Office can handle many of the estate planning and legal needs of our community’s seniors.  Seniors can experience piece-of-mind by working closely with their attorney to plan for the time in their lives when they or their spouse begins to lose some of their independence – whether it be full incapacity or merely needing some assistance with day-to-day activities.       Read the Full Story
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Our new office is in a shared office suite with fellow attorney, friend and colleague, D. Ben Henzel of Henzel Law Offices.  Mr. Henzel maintains a similar practice to my own, with extensive experience and expertise in tax, real estate, estate planning and administration.  We will continue to operate as separate firms, but anticipate that we both will benefit from our co-location arrangement in many ways.  The new location includes off-street parking for clients and visitors, private conference room facilities, and is closer to the Multnomah County Circuit Court.  


Facing some hard decisions regarding a mortgage?

Mr. Womer is well-versed on mortgage law issues and can offer you comprehensive counseling with respect to an existing or impending payment default or foreclosure.

Womer Law Office helps homeowners to identify all of the legal and practical issues that should be considered in determining how to make the best out of a difficult situation.

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Contract Reviews 

We have the knowledge and experience required to ensure that all of your legal documents are in order, including general contracts and agreements, leases, buy/sell agreements, etc. 

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Womer Law Office, LLC is conveniently located just off of I-5 in Tualatin, Oregon and is within a short drive of the communities of Tigard, King City, Sherwood, Wilsonville, West Linn, Oregon City and Lake Oswego. We are focused on providing clients with personalized service at reasonable rates.

Estate Planning

Is a service not a product

Full service estate planning, which often includes asset transfers, is critical.  The product oriented self help approach is often short-sighted and can create a variety of unintended consequences. 

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Minor Children

If you have minor children, you should nominate a guardian for them as part of your Estate Plan. You cannot assume that the other parent of the children will be surviving or otherwise available.

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Business Formation

Selecting the right business structure

In making this vital decision one should take into account the need for efficient organization, limiting liability, and possible tax consequences.

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Real Estate

For Sale by Owner

Some people choose to sell their own homes rather than use a real estate agent. We can prepare all necessary sales contracts and offer expert legal advice for our sale-by-owner clients.

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