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End-of-Life Planning Part 1 - The Advance Directive for Health Care

In a previous post I wrote about basic estate planning steps that everyone should consider.  An important compenant of planning in Oregon is the Advance Directive for Health Care, a statutory form used to appoint a health care representative to make health care decisions when we are unable and/or to express wishes about end-of-life decisions that may someday need to be made.  This video includes a discussion between a terminal cancer patient and his pain management physician about extraordinary life-saving measures.  It appears that a form similar to Oregon's Advance Directive is being contemplated.  Included is a short interview of the patient's daughter, who I think articulates well the benefits of this type of planning from the perspective of family members.  She expresses a sense of calm and relief about her father having addressed these issues.  In part 2 of this series (post to follow), the important role of doctors is examined within the backdrop of federal health care reform signed into law late last year.  A provision that would have allowed doctors to be compensated for their time in conducting end-of-life counseling was removed from the bill prior to its passage.  I think doctors play a crucial role in educating their patients on the things to consider in making these decisions.  It's interesting to hear this doctor's view.

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Have you thought about what you’d do if a family member or loved one died?

lovedone.jpgI know.  This is simply an unpleasant thought.  Most families rarely, if ever, discuss what should happen if a family member dies.  Some, however, are open and quite communicative about the subject.  It’s my belief that these people will generally be more prepared to handle the post-death tasks associated with their loss, both practically and emotionally.  So, what should be discussed?  What should you do?

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Vanguard on Estate Planning

It's not a topic that people like to think about too much, but a well-crafted estate plan can provide financial security for the people who depend on you.  Video Link