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Womer Law Office can handle many of the estate planning and legal needs of our community’s seniors.  Seniors can experience piece-of-mind by working closely with their attorney to plan for the time in their lives when they or their spouse begins to lose some of their independence – whether it be full incapacity or merely needing some assistance with day-to-day activities.      

Such planning often includes how to select and obtain quality care for you or a spouse and how to pay for quality care without impoverishing one’s spouse.  If you have a spouse or loved one in decline, you may need help in determining whether a conservatorship or guardianship may be necessary.  Our elder law services include the following:  Wills and Trusts.  See Gift and Estate Planning practice discussion. Estate and Trust Administration. Mr. Womer can guide individual fiduciaries on their obligations with regard to administering a trust or an estate after the death of a loved one.   Probate. Probate is a court-supervised process for settling a deceased person’s affairs, including collection of assets, paying creditors, and distributing assets to heirs.   Planning for Incapacity. Advance Directive for Health Care. This document is used to ensure that you have in place a mechanism for making health care decisions on your behalf and that your instructions will be communicated to your doctor. Power of Attorney. This document appoints someone to handle your business and financial affairs. Dealing with Incapacity – Guardianship and Conservatorship. For those who have not appointed decision-makers to act on their behalf in the event of incapacity, it may be necessary to have a guardian and conservator appointed in order to be able to make health care decisions and in order to deal with a protected person’s financial affairs.  The firm can guide you through this process.    Medicaid Planning – Public Assistance. Many Americans will eventually face the need for long-term care via assisted living, residential care, adult foster care, in-home health care, or nursing facility.  Such care can quickly consume one’s savings.  It is important to engage in some planning as early in the process as possible to obtain or retain Medicaid and/or Social Security Income qualification while preserving assets to the extent allowed by law for yourself and the support of your spouse.  The firm can guide you through the process.